about me

me with my two dogs

I’ve been around animals all my life, working with them and enjoying their company. Dogs, in particular, have always been my passion. Training dogs is not only my job but also one of my favourite leisure activities! My current two dogs (both rescues) are Schipp, a Parson Russell Terrier, and Lettie, a Tibetan Terrier. They are, of course, both immensely cool and clever!

Here’s a potted history of my dog training credentials:

  • Trained and worked as veterinary nurse after school
  • Assistant manager of Animal Rescue home 8 years
  • Qualified 1998 CABT dip* Southampton Uni
  • Set up Animal-Manners 1998
  • Have since helped many hundreds of dogs….and their humans
  • Employed by Animal Care, Lancaster, for many years as their behaviour consultant
  • Keep up to date with new ideas

* Companion Animal Behaviour Therapy diploma, studied over 4 yrs

I am keen on a natural approach to feeding and healthcare. My own dogs are fed raw meaty bones and do not have annual boosters. Avoiding unnecessary chemicals gives your dog the very best chance of maintaining good health and calm behaviour.

Schipp eating chicken wing websize
Chicken wings are safe to eat if RAW!

Behaviour & training