Training gear and info

Positive Animal Solutions | training gear, info, books

Training Lines | training gear, toys, puzzles

Karen Pryor’s Clicker Training Site | USA site with great clicker info

Dog Games shop | training gear, great harnesses

Learning About Dogs | for serious dog training students

Dogwise | Great selection of dog training books, USA site

Dog walking

Lancaster Pet Heroes | Dog walking & pet feeding

Dog health organizations

Canine Health Concern | Vital info about vaccines & diet

Pet Welfare Alliance | Awesome anti-vaccination organization

Raw Meaty Bones | All about raw feeding for dogs – the way to go!

Dog rescue

Wolfwood | Lancaster animal rescue centre

Animal Care | Lancaster animal rescue centre

Lizzie’s Barn | small but effective South Wales dog rescue centre

Dogs Trust | National dog rescue organization

Many Tears | Welsh dog rescue specializing in ex-breeding dogs

Natural dog health products

Moxxor A very effective omega 3 oil (more powerful than fish oil) that’s great for dogs with skin issues and/or arthritis

Zymox: Brilliant ear drops for waxy or infected ears that work through natural enzymes. Available with or without steroid.

Dermacton: Excellent cream based on essential oils that’s incredibly effective for dogs with skin issues such as atopic dermatitis.





Behaviour & training